Preferred Locations

We've created this page to help you pick the perfect location for your session with us!

From desert to lush gardens, 

there's a location here for everyone's pallet.

Sahuaro Ranch 

59th Ave. & Mountain View Rd.


Grassy areas

Several ranch style houses

Grape vines

Lots of citrus groves


Downtown Glendale

59th Ave. & Glendale


Small town feel

Great older homes and small vintage shops

Green grassy areas with lots of trees

Scorpion Gulch

South Mountain


Abandoned stone building

interesting door frames, windows, and concrete stairs

Desert landscaping


$40 travel fee to this location 

Downtown Phoenix


Always something fun and new to find

A shoot as we go type location, we usually start at Roosevelt Row and walk around


$40 travel fee to this location 

White Tank Mountains

Pure mountain desert location


Lots of cacti!

Founders' Park


Small but mighty beautiful park located in the middle of a neighborhood

Always beautiful landscaping with lots of trees and Spanish architecture 

$40 travel fee to this location

Papago Park


$40 travel fee to this location


Steadfast Farm


Adorable little farm connected to a beautiful park and lake. 

$100 Travel Fee to this location


The Cactus Garden


Beautifully maintained, colorful desert area year round

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